About the Artists

Robert Wylie Pfohl

Bio:  Art, history and nature have been abiding interests throughout my life. I have engaged these interests from the beginning; be it through books, school projects, or on my own explorations in the natural world, museums, zoological gardens – drawing and/or photographing as I went along.  Now that I have retired from a professional career in counseling, I have refocused my efforts toward art, concentrating on the mediums of watercolor and Pastel.

Artistic journey:  I have always liked to draw, learn about art in history and view artistic creations.  I am an appreciator of beauty.  Was it Monet who pointed out that a painting should be a creation that brings beauty to the viewer?  There is much beauty in the natural world and so in artistic efforts I have concentrated on nature, emphasizing the dramatic effect of color. To achieve a sense of the excitement of color, I have depended on the mediums of watercolor and pastel.

clear creek-001 cock fight-001 Heifer-001 Whooper-001