About the Artists

Rob Moody – Photography

Photography is my passion. There is no way to express the feeling I have when I look through the eyepiece of my camera and view the picture I am taking. I hope that when people see my pictures, one, they will want to go there; two, want to perserve those areas; and three, support the National Parks.  When it comes to photography, I love National Parks.  They are my favorite places to shoot. 
When I was young, my uncle would take me to the San Diego zoo and he would take alot of pictures.  That is when I knew I wanted to be a photographer.  Living out West, I was able to shoot beautiful mountains, lakes, and streams.  My favorite place is Oxbow Bend at the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.  I could sit there all day. 
I hope you enjoy my photos and they make you want to visit the National Parks.