About The Artists

Paul Schonhart

Paul, a retired college administrator, started carving in 1990. His many years in the duck blinds provided him with the incentive to start carving. Desire and carving skill were mutually exclusive so Paul enrolled in a few adult education carving classes at a local high school. There he learned the basics and has improved over the years to a point where a few commissioned pieces are done each year as well as sales at decoy and craft shows.
An avid hunter and fisherman, Paul especially enjoys upland bird hunting with this Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Midwestern hunting trips each fall have been part of Paul’s travels for many years. His goal is to hunt every species of North American upland bird. He is well on his way to meet this goal with trips to Iowa, Nebraska, Montana, and the Dakotas. Summer finds Paul fishing the Great Lakes (Erie and Ontario) as well as yearly trips to Canadian fisheries in Ontario and Manitoba.
It is important to preserve and continue the conservation measures embraced by the many sportsmen and hunting organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, The National Wild Turkey Federation and the National Rifle Association. Membership in these organizations is critical if we want to continue our hunting tradition. It is especially important to involve young boys and girls in these clubs. To that end, Paul works with Ducks Unlimited on Green Wing projects.
King Decoys, Decorative Hand Carved Decoys

Unlike many decorative hand carved decoys that are painted, King Decoys’ birds are meticulously detailed by burning in each feather. After the feather burning process, the decoy is either stained or painted to give it a softer muted effect. King Decoys are hand carved from quality basswood and an effort is made to inject emotion and personality into an otherwise lifeless block of wood.

Preening Mallard  Loon with chicks Green Wing TealPaul Carving