About The Artists

Melodee Helfrich

I love the play of “weaving” color, texture, form or symbols into surprise…mostly, I love to play and entertain or inspire with what I produce.

My artwork moves from one media to another in cycles and in multimedia as I am inspired, which I suppose, makes me a mixed media artist.

My current media is wool fiber which I felt into whimsical or wearable sculptures.

I buy my wool from local sheep and alpaca farmers I know, who hand card and dye it into gloriously colored and very different fibers I want to just dive into!

*I particularly love to create circles of local support with my art supply purchases , and with what I sell too.

Although I am formally trained in fine arts design and graphics; my real “canvas” has always been the earth where I have  “painted” and designed with every imaginable plant form both professionally and privately- that is my passion.

Most of what I do artistically is inspired by my awe and love of the natural world, (organic everything), my Nordic roots, and a desire to nourish by creating beautiful, (delicious) inspiring, whimsical, symbolic or thought provoking things.



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