About The Artists

MaryEllen Hanna

My Bio:

I am an artist enjoying several mediums, including Watercolor, Mixed Media, Conte’, Charcoal, Pencil and Pen and Ink.

Born and raised in WNY, I completed my BS Degree in Art Education at Buffalo State, including extensive studies in Art Therapy and  Graphic Design. After a 25 year  career as a Graphic Artist, Advertising Executive, Teacher and Social Services Professional, I am now “retired”. Therefore, better able to focusing primarily on my creative processes.

My extensive career responsibilities have helped me hone abilities to draw and create balanced and rhythmic compositions, by manipulating line, space, shapes, textures, values, and color. My works have evolved to incorporate powerful complimentary color schemes.

I have always been driven by an innate need to create for the purpose of self-expression. Whether it be painting, decorating, cooking, gardening, collecting, entertaining, or teaching, I delight in the world around me. When painting I attempt to interpret my subject, rather than imitate.
I SEE and SENSE a special spirit within my subject, allowing me to be one with it.

If you are moved by my work, I am pleased.

MaryEllen Hanna

Autumn All Around-001 Blue Heron-001 Celebration-001MaryEllen Hanna

Hit the deck-001 In the hole-001 Nocturnal Waterlilies-001 Village of Angola-001