About The Artists

Mary Claire


I am a newly emerged creative, a self-taught and experienced, fun, hard -working, late-blooming, educated, street smart, savvy, music-loving, down-to-earth mother, writer, and artist.


I use vivid color, thick lines, simple raw imagery, and my imagination to create expressive paintings for the bold impassioned soul.

I have been painting, illustrating, and drawing for over 25 years. I am compelled to paint to express the creative innocence I once had as a child. This freedom of expression allows me to use my emotion, imagination, and creativity without any inhibitions.

Artist Statement

Art is a gift that can bring people together in unique ways. Art builds up our spirits and helps transform our thoughts, feelings, and relationships to people. I paint intuitively using symbols to tell stories, to create spirited portraits of women, and to promote healing and awareness through art.  Art can inspire people to change not only themselves, but the world around them. Art has done all of this for me and more. I enjoy donating my time and art to various charities.


I have sold original paintings from Buffalo, NY to Los Angeles, CA with and without gallery representation.


West Seneca Art Society

Impact Artist Gallery

Burchfield Penney Art Center

Member of the Indi Exhibit



Fredonia State University

1991 Major in Fine Arts/Drawing