About the Artists

Jessica Rosenberg

I am a young artist looking to spread my wings as an illustration professional. I have loved drawing ever since childhood, and have been especially fond of rendering animals and people. While I still focus allot on illustrating various animal life, I also enjoy exploring more fantastical subject matter like supernatural creatures. Overall, my work reflects a detailed examination of nature as a vehicle for emotion. My biggest inspirations come from artists like Victoria Frances to Barbara Kruger.

I always took up drawing or painting over more social avenues, as I have for years struggled with social anxiety. Art is my way of speaking to others; to share my true thoughts and feelings. Butterflies and Faeries hold strong symbolic meaning for me and serve as a metaphor for various hardships in my life.

I recently earned my B.F.A. in Illustration from Daemen College in Buffalo, NY.  Since graduation, I have focused my attention on animal rights and cruelty with a variety of mixed media that to a degree emulates the work of Robert Rauschenberg and David Sallie.

I firmly believe animal rights is an issue too often overlooked, and that we as a society need to take a more active role in challenging the existing laws that perpetuate such vicious cycles of cruelty; not only for the sake of human decency, but for the sustainability and longevity of our planet as a whole.

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