About the Artist


Jeannette Pikturna


My passion for art started at the age of 3.  My first medium red lipstick my first canvas, was the inside of my parents couch.  I pulled all the pillows off the couch and with lipstick drew designs on the couch, and then covered it back up with the pillows. Then my parents invested in some art paper and art supplies and the rest is history.


I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1989 with a Bachelors of Art in Graphic Design, and a minor in Photography.  I currently exhibit my artwork in galleries all over WNY.  Last year, I won awards in 2 different art galleries using two different mediums.  I continue to sell my work here in WNY and Chicago.  I am originally from Chicago, and I moved to Lockport, NY in 2009.


I love all forms of art. Those that know me call me a Pastelist, however I enjoy working in many other art mediums as well.  My painting style is unique varying between realism, abstract, and a combination of both.  My primary inspiration comes from the connection to animals and nature, and then I love to express that connection with my interpretation on canvas or paper.  My styles and interests differ with my other works, and at times you would not believe it came from the same artist.


Abstract Alliums 72dpi Autumn Daze 72 dpi 5x7 Backyard Buddy Calypso 72dpi LAVA FLOWers 72dpi Maine Coon 72dpi Reflections in Maine 72dpi Tiger Lilly Image 72dpi for ENJRosie 5x7 72dpi