About The Artists


Elizabeth Webber


A patch of weeds or a rich color in a field has often stopped me while I am driving or walking outside. There is so much outdoors that is often overlooked. Many people appreciate a beautiful sunset but the folds, cracks and layers of tree bark are often overlooked.  In my work, I try to look at these individual parts of nature that many may drive or walk by without taking a second glance. I magnify or exaggerate it so it can be more easily appreciated. 

Nature is something that is all around us but I feel like there is less and less that many know about it. We are often expected to know current topics and important people in our culture but how many people can identify the plants or trees they walk by each day. As I started collecting references and spending more time looking at nature, I was surprised by how little I  knew. My is intended to get people to look at nature in a way they haven’t before and take interest in knowing more about what’s right outside their door and further my own understanding of my environment.


rainbow trout-001 red forest-001 rosy-001 sunset-001