About The Artists

Dory Anne Louise

Art has been a part of my entire life.  I create when I am happy. I create when I am sad.

Art helps me to stand strong during difficult times and has been a blessing to me in a soulful way during happy and joyful times in my life.  I infuse my spirit into each piece of art I create; allowing others to feel their heart center as I do while creating my paintings.

Art is my life; a colorful way to show others how to be at peace with life and how it is unfolding. Sometimes life is painful and harsh but also soft, loving and harmonious waves of powerful energy that you can pass along to others.

Through creative moments in my life I hope to bring some healing energy from myself to others on my path; bringing on a sense of wellness in mind, body and soul.


  1. Swaying butterflies gracefully touching
  2. Orange Swaying buds to the tune of greens
  3. Blues of Summer’s end
  4. The Embrace
  5. Dragon Flies’ transforming dance of love

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