About the Artists

Deborah Terzian

My career as an artist started when I was a young child living ona small farm in Pennsylvania.  I have always had a love for the outdoors and animals.  For me the love of art really took hold during school Art classes.  To this day, wherever I go I have a pad and paper with me because I never know when the inspiration to draw what I am looking at will compel me to preserve that inspiration on paper.  Many of my sketches have been turned into paintings recently.  Over the years I tried many different types of art like pastels, ink and print, oil, and most recently airbrush but I still enjoy the Acrylic for my canvas work.  My art is generally Landscapes, Flowers, and Animals because I have always loved nature and its colors.  I try to make my designs as realistic as possible because Mother Nature made it that way so why change it.  However, many of my compositions are a combination of things I have seen in nature or in pictures.  For example I may use today’s clouds and next week’s leafing trees or some building or other object I saw in a picture to combine it into a picture of my own vision while still using what Nature has made.


Why do I do Art you may ask?  Well, it is my way of escaping the stress of my day or just for pure enjoyment.  For me if I make one person smile or maybe be inspired from what they see in my designs for me that is priceless.  I have not painted for many years while my children were growing up.  But Thanks, to a few friends I have recently started to paint again and I feel so alive when I sit down at that blank canvas and see what flows from my mind to the canvas. Hope you enjoy my art and if it inspires you in any way I would love to hear about it.


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