About the Artists

Dave Jeffers

Color, values and shades oh my! Yes, Dave’s artwork is all about these elements. He started out as a
traditional artist but quickly found out is was not his thing. His work always took on a glow of it’s own.
Much of it seems to be generating it’s own light from deep inside. The color palette he uses always
seems to include bright vibrant colors that glow. He also gets lost in shapes and values. He will
abandon his plan in a heartbeat if he finds interesting shapes or values.
His love of nature leads him to create many landscapes. He feels this is where you’ll find the most
interesting shapes, values and colors anywhere. However, he also has a deep love of abstract art. For
him it’s a freeing way of creating his own kind of world. This is where he cuts loose and create
beautiful colors and values. Once again you’ll find everything has it’s own glow and inner power. It
just radiates. You’ll always be able to recognize his work as it seems to leap off the canvas as if
generated by some inner force, enjoy.

Website  http://davejeffersmagic.com

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/youistheart/

Twitter  http://twitter.com/#!/magicofmrj1

Youtube  http://www.youtube.com/user/magicofmrj1

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