About the Artists

Catherine Loerch – Acrylics – Pastels – Charcoal

Catherine Loerch is a native of Western New York.  Growing up along the shores of Lake Erie is where her love and appreciation of the water began.

She has been a lifelong sailor, racer and most recently a cruiser on the family sailboat on Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.  These experiences have greatly influenced her work, as many of her paintings are nautical in nature, including sailboats, waterfront scenes, and lighthouses. She finds it very exciting to paint these scenes, especially during the long winter months.  Using a composite of photographs and her memory of the waterfront that she has gleaned from her summers living on-board her sailboat, she relives her feelings of the warmth of the sun, the spray and refreshing smell of the water, in making the scene come alive for her.

Catherine has a colorful acrylic series, inspired by her travels to France and Italy.

She has a great love for portraiture and finds the human face to be fascinating. She especially enjoys painting children and sailors.  She has studied portraiture with George Palmer and began painting portraits of her daughters and family members many years ago.  At one time almost every child in the neighborhood became a subject for a painting.  She has always studied people’s faces wherever she travels looking for that interesting look..

She has fallen in love with Anna Maria Island, Florida and has been inspired to paint local scenes from that area.  Most recently, she has developed a free, colorful contemporary style of painting sailboats and shapes.

Catherine uses several different mediums in her paintings choosing acrylic, pastel or charcoal depending on her mood and subject matter.

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