About The Artists

C. Mari – acrylic paint


I believe that images are the most powerful form of communication. From the beginning of time, we have used images to communicate. I believe art is a universal language and one of the few things that tie us together. Pictures can enlighten. We have the ability to interpret images thousands of years old and relate to them emotionally. I am captivated by this. I paint with the conviction that the beauty within us can be awakened from an emotional response to the colors around us.

Strong color is essential in my work, presenting images as a projection of the imagination. The imagery in my work brings to mind meditative places and “energy”, while simultaneously evoking emotion through the use of color.  Discovering new forms of composition and unconventional paint application add a contemporary feel. This helps to evoke an emotional response different for every one of us.

I find inspiration in nature, from energy, and places that exist only within dreams. Painting to me is the ultimate release of emotion. I look at the world around me and see so much pain and stress, but I also see beauty and tranquility. I have faith that I can make emotional changes through color. In my current work I am experimenting with mediums and washes as well as the blending of different textures and colors to create mystic energies.  I know a piece is finished when it can evoke a different emotional response from everyone who views it.



Mari’ is a New Mexico born artist who moved to New York in 2001 to study at Syracuse University.  Her work is devoted to exploring the limits, aesthetics, and possibilities of paint, medium, and form.  She is commonly inspired by the action painting techniques of Abstract Expressionism. The result is a idiosyncratic body of artwork that is original, colorful, and evokes an emotional response from its audience.

In her current work, Mari’ is experimenting with different methods of applying acrylic paint through the use of various tools, mediums, fluids, and washes.



2011 – Present              CNY Artist Gallery located in Syracuse, NY

2011                            Everson Museum of Art 60/60 fundraiser located in Syracuse, NY

2011                            Art on the Porches located in Syracuse, NY

2013                            Big Orbit Gallery 22 Annual Members’ Exhibit, Buffalo, NY



2011 – Present              CNY Artists, Online

2012                            Fine Art America, Online

2013                            Emerging Leaders in the Arts Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

2013                            Big Orbit Gallery, Buffalo, NY

2013                            464 Gallery, Buffalo, NY

2013                            Enjoy the Journey Art Gallery, West Seneca, NY