About the Artists

Alice B. Riley-Colored Pencils, Photography, Watercolors

Working with the creative side of my brain has been beneficial in seeing the world around me more closely and intently. I love the freedom of art, it allows me to work thru the challenges presented by a blank canvas.  To help me thru the process in 2017 I began creating daily art in a 4×6 art journal book using different mediums. The studies from the daily drawings can be used as a foundation to create larger pieces of work later.

 I have used nature, my own photography, and random photographs as reference material. The mediums vary depending on narrative I am trying to convey. Exploration of different media gives a unique voice to each of my works. I find that combining mediums occasionally will open a door in creativity I didn’t know existed.

 I like taking classes and learning from others, especially at the Enjoy the Journey Art Gallery whose professional Artists teach a variety of techniques in the classes.

 Art is my therapy where I can disappear into a world of imagination, color and textures. “To me, Art is the creative expression of how a person sees the world. We should all embrace what someone has to say. “Alice B. Riley 

Piper-Photograph Lady Bug- Colored Pencil Thistle-Watercolor Headache- Acrylic on Paper