About The Artists

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Adrian - Pottery

Carol Allen

Veronica Benes - Author, Illustrator and Publisher

Susan Marie Borden – Fabric Artist

Suzanne Borowicz - Watercolor

Liz Birardi

Peter Brokx

Sharon R. Schasel-Brown

Karen Carlton

Patrica Durham

Philip Friot

Marie Grieco

John Harrigan - Photography

MaryEllen Hanna

Dave Jeffers

Karl Kipp

Sylvia Kleindinst

Paulette Krakowski - Collage / Mixed Media

Dory Anne Louise

C. Mari - acrylic paint

Tracey Neubauer - Collage/Mixed Media/Acrylics

Diane Noody - Oil, Watercolor, Pen and Ink

Mike O

Vicki Oliver - Painter / Collage / Pen & Ink

Andrea Oswald - Painter

Robert Wylie Pfohl

Isaiah Rashad

Alice B. Riley-Colored Pencils, Photography, Watercolors

Mary Lou Scherer

Paul Schonhart

Pat Kalina- Seiss

Irene Sundberg

Bernice Smith - Painter  Acrylics & Photography

Pat Smith

Janis Stanek

Marleta Stansberry - Mixed Media

Deborah Terzian

Janet Vedder - Mixed Media

Heidi Zanelli - acrylic & oil painting, photography

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